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Sherwood School Council

Sherwood School has an active School Council who meet monthly to discuss student educational opportunities, calendar events, and issues of interest with the Principal and staff representative.  All parents are welcome to participate and attend these meetings and we certainly appreciate the support of our parents/guardians in identifying and discussing issues of interest and helping to keep relationships stgrong between home and school. Monthly meetings will include a principal report (updates regarding student enrolment, curricular information, school organization, upcoming events, building updates, etc); School Council business (identified support for the school, fundraising reports, etc), and other organized seminars/presentations as identified by the parents.     



The "Friends of Sherwood Society" is a parent fundraising society who volunteer their time and effort to create opportunities for parents to engage in organizing fndraising projects for Sherwood School. Monies are raised from the Casino we run every two years as well as fundraisers such as special hot lunch days, Mundare sausage sales, etc. We are always looking for parents/guardians to support our efforsts to raise money to support technology and other supports for student success.